Sales people fall into a number of categories depending on their level of knowledge and experience. For example:

  • Just starting their career in selling
    – or only worked a short time in a sale environment ​

       - These people at this early stage in their career need to learn the CORRECT Skills and Techniques

  • More experienced sales people – they think they know it, and many reject the chance of further training
    - However, our feedback research shows that most times sales people falling into
       this category report they learned far more from our very different approach than
       they thought would be possible.

  • Very experienced sales people
    - Again our feedback research mirrors the above sector. This is one comment made by a very                   experienced salesperson who had been selling for over twenty years:

“I have attended endless sales training courses in my twenty years in selling and this is light years ahead of anything I have ever seen, especially around the area of Influence and Persuasion”

Workshop Content – Our Approach

Whether a salesperson is new of very experienced they should understand the fundamental skills and techniques of selling.

We guarantee to ‘tailor’ your workshops to meet your specific challenges and requirements, and some, or all, of the following fundamental skills, which are relevant at whatever level of selling has been reached, can be ‘tailored’ specifically for you.

  • Prospecting for new business 

  • Making the initial approach 

  • Face to face selling skills

  • Making sales presentations

  • Closing the sale

  • Telephone selling skills

  • Planning for sales discussions

  • Writing proposals that sell

  • Overcoming objections



Creating the ‘Difference’

Following are some of the Key Areas we include in many of our practical workshops that takes selling skills and techniques beyond the text-books.

Some of these Key Areas may seem over simple, but our feedback research demonstrates that these are the areas, when covered in the way we cover them in our workshops, are the areas that sales people attending say have challenged them to think very differently, and that they have learned so much more from.

Our Key Areas:

  • What do you sell? - Or – what do your buyers buy?

  • Why should I buy from your company?

  • How to create the ‘Difference that makes the Difference’

  • Techniques to ‘change the shape’ of a buyers thinking

  • It’s the ‘Don’t’ Knows’ that make the difference

  • Communication mastery – advancing beyond the old-fashioned ‘open and closed’ questions and ‘active listening’

  • Changing sales language to an ‘Associated Persuasive Language’

  • Advancing beyond ‘Features and Benefits’ and the old FAB format

  • Controlling a ‘persuasive’ selling discussion

  • Creating ‘Future History’ closing techniques

Don’t take our word for it, just look at some of the feedback we have received:

“Quite a few of us have referred to it as a life-changing event. I would really describe John
Parker as a guru. He was fascinating –and it was different from any other training I have seen in 20 years.”

“I’ve never thought of it like that before”

“This is a totally different way of looking at it”

“I wish I had learned all this years ago when I started selling”

"Approaching old subjects in new ways and relating techniques to real-life situations. A breath of fresh air".

“The psychology of selling bits were extremely interesting”

“Amazing workshop. Learned valuable techniques and opened my mind to more opportunities to sell.”

"An excellent trainer.... I have used some of the best known training organisations, and he was far better!"

We would be only too pleased to discuss this approach in greater detail with you.

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