In today’s ever changing market places leading a sales team is not an easy profession. The pressures people have to work under these days makes it harder than it need be.

Research shows that top performing sales teams, at all levels, are led by a highly skilled sales
leader. A leader is typically responsible for a number of key challenges - including:

  • Planning 

  • Motivating their team 

  • Dealing with customer challenges

  • Achieving team sales targets

  • Growing profitable accounts

  • Acting as coach and mentor

However, the most professional sales leaders are now looking at managing and leading from
another approach, and are enhancing and adding further skills to those they already possess.

This new approach is now being utilised by many top international companies who are keen to
maintain and improve their competitive edge.

What is this 'other approach', this new and more effective way of utilising the skills, techniques
and tools of sales management and leadership?

For your sales leaders to be excellent performers they need to master three key abilities which
really encompass all the leadership skills and techniques. They have to be able to:

  • Build very deep levels of rapport with all kinds of people

  • Be excellent communicators

  • Influence and persuade people at all levels

It is now being realised that these key skills are the foundation upon which excellent sales leadership is based.

If your leaders can master these skills they are guaranteed to succeed more quickly and effectively. When your sales leaders master these key skills they gain a much deeper level of respect and trust from the individuals within their teams, and the other people they work with both inside and outside the organisation.

They are seen as true leaders, as successful managers and invariably are modelled by the people that report to them.

Respect, trust and leadership motivate. Advice and counselling from a leader who is respected and trusted helps their team members work through problems and solutions more completely and speedily.

How do you and your sales leaders benefit from the

JWP Associates approach?

In addition to helping enhance your sales leaders fundamental leadership skills and techniques,
there are a number of key areas we include in our development workshops.

Your sales leaders:

Discover how to develop a far greater level of respect and trust from their people


Are shown how to become ‘detectives of human behaviour’

- Everyone has a different idea of reality

- We all have different way in which we perceive the world
- We all possess different emotions, feelings, attitudes and opinions.


Learn how the people they communicate with have different modes of thinking

- They learn how these modes affect behaviour and actions


Discover a method of communication that guarantees they understand what people really mean when the converse with them.

- They learn how to use this new understanding to communicate even more effectively.


Are able to use knowledge and understanding that was not available to them before to influence and persuade people in a far more effective way.

Training and coaching workshops

‘Tailored’ Sales Leadership Workshops

You may have sales leaders who are new to the role, or perhaps you have more experienced sales leaders who would benefit from refreshing the fundamental skills and techniques, while at the same time being challenged to consider some new ideas and techniques and are looking to progress to a higher level.

You have the benefit of ‘tailored’ workshops that are designed specifically to meet you exact needs.

One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes there is a specific need for a sales leader, or perhaps a number of sales leaders, to be coached on a one-to-one basis rather than in a group workshop environment.

This type of development process could include:

  • Preparing a team member for a new role as sales leader

  • Coaching a new sales leader who has been in post a short time

  • Helping to improve the personal performance of an individual sales leader

  • It is considered a one-on-one coaching session is the most effective method for an indivdual

Why not allow us to discuss with you how our approach could be of benefit to your sales leaders, and subsequently to overall improved sales performance.

There is no charge for an initial discussion and scoping meeting.

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