Unfortunately many training companies usually provide ‘Trainers’ to train staff.


If you are considering a people development programme for your staff and are looking just for a ‘Trainer’.

Then please disregard this information because you will not get a ‘Trainer’ from JWP Associates.

What you will get is a mature business professional who has worked at every level of sales and management, up to Sales & Marketing Director, and who has provided coaching sessions for over 25 years to staff of companies in a whole range of market places and in over seventeen different countries.

So - Why use JWP Associates to help develop your staff?

You Benefit from a Truly ‘Tailored’ Approach

• You only ever deal with John Parker
     - NO sales people - NO account handlers
• John deals with you at ALL stages
     - He will carry out an Initial FREE ‘scoping’ meeting with you, to get to know your company,

        your culture, your people and your systems and processes
     - He then ‘tailors’ the training modules and sessions your require and discusses and agrees

        the final content and approach with you
     - He personally carries out your training sessions
     - He personally attends your final review and analysis meetings

Training and Coaching Workshops

• ALL your sessions are ‘tailored’ to meet your specific needs
• JWP Associates do not carry out any ‘public’ training sessions, so we guarantee you do not get a ‘doctored’                   general public event that is made to look specifically tailored for you.
• John keeps as far away from old-fashioned textbook theories as possible. His clients report very
     favourably that his workshops are nothing like they expected – their comments are usually based
     on their experience of their previous training events with other typical ‘textbook’ training organisations.

John Parker – Experience

• John is a mature and very experienced business person
• From a Sales and Marketing background

     – having won many selling awards
• John progressed through ALL levels of management up to Sales and Marketing Director
• John is very comfortable working with people at ALL levels 

     – from the most junior people to working at Board level

     – John only trains and coaches on subjects he himself has been directly involved with
     - You DO NOT get someone who is going to train your people on a subject that they have just learned from a                textbook or by watching DVD’s.
     - Ask him a question and the questioner gets a REAL LIFE answer based on ACTUAL experience not theory.

Beyond the Training Modules and Sessions

Because of John’s experience, many of his clients ask for his involvement in other ways:

• Helping with business strategy and development
• One-on-One coaching and mentoring
• Helping with ‘live’ tenders and negotiations
• Just providing an ‘outside’ impartial view of processes and systems

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