Why don’t you create your own flexible training programme?

When sourcing training workshops for your staff you face a number of considerations:

  • Time – most training workshops cover one, two or three days, some even longer.

  • In today’s busy business environment it is difficult to release staff for long periods of time

  • Concentration can be a concern, sometimes with even a one day workshop

  • Do all staff attending need training or coaching in ALL the subjects being covered?

Usually a workshop covers key topics that are banded together.

For example, workshops are typically available for:

  • Management development

  • Teambuilding

  • Negotiating

  • Leadership

  • Selling

  • Soft Skills


Plus a number of other key areas

Each of the above key topics will include a whole range of subjects and sessions.

So, rather than arrange for a one, two, or three day or longer workshop for a key topic……

Would it be useful if you could mix your staff training requirements into

short 90 minute workshop modules?

You can benefit from the flexibility of arranging for just one module in a day, or you could arrange for two or three modules in a day.

Yes, we are happy to carry out just one 90 minute module in a day for you.

The benefits:

  • A choice of separate 90 minute modules on a specific training subject 

  • (See list– of possible training sessions attached)

  • One session in a day – or two in a day – or three or four in a day

  • Staff only need attend a workshop relevant to their specific development needs

  • Mix Key Topics in one day – for example: - One 90 minute session on a specific management skill ​- Another session on a specific business development (selling) skill - A further session on a specific ‘Soft Skill’

  • Mix and match any of the training sessions

You have access to over 40 x 90 minute modular training sessions organised in four Key Business Areas:

1. Management & Leadership Skills
2. Winning New Customers – Selling Skills
3. Building Business Relationships
4. Personal Effectiveness

Note: It is highly likely that other specific skills and techniques are actually included in some of the above two-hour sessions.

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